Wednesday, August 24, 2011

it's about friendship

thanks to Yuli for the yummy soes, for the beautiful and nice card, and for remembering me on this Eid Fitri. But most of all, thank you so much for always being my friend -for more than 16 years (gw lupa tepatnya, saking lamanya. and even longer that my married life!) and accept me the way who i am, without exception. Its priceless!! mwah mwah mwah *peluk yuli kenceng2*

and below is her reply on fesbuk....

Yuli Budiman: U r welcome Nov... Gw rasa soes nya kurang banyak ya.. ;) gw selalu bersyukur sama Tuhan dikasih kesempatan punya sahabat seperti elo, ngak ada duanya deh...

that's rite guys. it's about the beautiful of friendship.
hiks... jadi terharu :')

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